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£3 wine club every weekday

Sunday Express -2 for £10 Cocktails!

Sunday Roasts 12-5pm

Welcome to The Lazy Bird! Your favourite location for meeting up with family and friends. We invite you to take a seat, order your refreshments and let us do the rest. It’s never felt so good to be this lazy.

We specialise in high quality Italian style coffee from La Bottega Milanese, a great craft cocktail selection with all your favourites and plenty of liquors and spirits. We also have a great range of draught beers including continental, craft and hand-pulled. We keep these regularly updated so if you’re just popping in for a pint after work there will usually be something new to try!

Following our Italian heritage, we focus on Italian charcuterie and cheeses galore. Whether you are swinging by for antipasti boards, brunch, cake, sandwiches or Sunday lunch, we have plenty to offer.

Opening times: 11am – Late Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday

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get lazy

the perfect spot

Picture the scene, you’ve got your favourite gin and tonic, the sun is out and you’re getting food and drinks delivered to your table on our roof top terrace, with great views of our historic market town, Wetherby. You’ve come back from a lovely walk by the river and now you’re kicking back.

It’s also nice and cosy in our seating area downstairs, packed with quirky artwork and laid out just right to keep you safe. Relax, get lazy, and let the good times come to you.

coffee & confectionery

Our coffee is proudly sourced from La Bottega Milanese. It’s a carefully selected blend of Arabica beans from northern Italy and roasted in Yorkshire. All coffee used is fully traceable and fair trade. Rich and chocolatey with a hit of hazelnuts followed by fruity undertones and a gentle acidity that lingers on the palate. Expertly served by your favourite baristas.

early birds

  • Toast – with butter and jam £3
  • Toasted Tea Cake – with butter and jam £3
  • Scone/Scon – with butter and jam £3
  • Italian Crispy Bacon Butty £3.50

sunday lunch

sunday lunch

Sunday lunch is on! With roast beef, chicken, pork and a delicious veggie option on rotation with all the usual trimmings. Including:

Yorkshire pudding, seasonal veg, our signature mini-cottage pie and good ol’ potato roasties accompany all our roasts as well as gravy – if you need more of the tasty brown goodness, let us know!

11am – 4 pm

Brunch is served!


1.Italian crispy Bacon (Guanciale) with avocado, cucumber and boiled egg
(nuts, cereals, lupin, dairy, eggs)

2. Nduja Callabrese, avocado, sun-dried tomatoes.
(sulphates, cereals, lupin, dairy, eggs)

3. Melted pecorino, salame ventricina, marinated mushrooms.
(dairy, cereals, lupin, eggs)

4.Smoked ricotta, avocado, aubergine.
(dairy, cereals, lupin, eggs)

£8.95 with any coffee/tea/juice


We have a delicious range of deli sandwiches made with amazing homemade breads, freshly sliced Italian cured meats and traditionally made Italian cheeses from our pop up deli, Bocca, next door! We’re calling back to the Italian sandwich shops and packing them full with the best quality ingredients.

Our bar will be open all day so whether you’re after a coffee, a craft ale or a cocktail to go with your sandwich, we’ve got you covered.

All sandwiches are served in a freshly baked sea salt and oregano bread roll

  1. Prosciutto, marinated mushroom & aubergine, smoked ricotta cheese. (cereals, lupin, dairy)  

    2. Nduja calabrese, salame Napoli rosso, mortadella bologna, roquette, tomato, mayonnaise. (soy, cereals, lupin, sulphates, dairy, nuts)

3. Bresaola, horseradish mascarpone, grilled peppers, red onion. (dairy, cereals, lupin, sulphates)

4. Salame finocchiona, secondigliano picante, porcetta, marinated tomato, roquette.  (dairy, cereals, lupin, soy, sulphates)

5. Buffalo mozzarella, marinated tomatoes, red onion, artichoke. (V) (dairy, cereals, lupin, soy, sulphates)

6. Mother Bocca!!! All meat everything. (dairy, cereals, lupin, nuts)


12pm – 8pm


Burrata, Lorenzo No1 Palermo Olive Oil, Apulian Olives

Burrata, caramelised onions, prosciutto, oregano, balsamic vinegar Modena

Pot of melted Burrata & Scarmoza, sundried tomato & bread for dipping

Nduja crusted Burrata, sundried pesto, cucumber ribbons & No1 Palermo Olive Oil

Burrata, Italian bacon (fatty, tasty & crispy) & cured beef fillet

antipasto boards

All boards are served with marinated vegetables, cornichons, balsamic, olive oil, pickled chilli and homemade bread.
(dairy, cereals, lupin, soy, sulphites, nuts)


  • Prosciutto – San Daniele D.O.P Think well posh ham, mate!
  • Mortadella Bol Pistachio – A classic deli meat with pistachio, it’s the nuts. Literally.
  • Napoli Piccante – Spicy thin cured salami sausage. Bit like pepperoni innit.
  • Bresaola – Dry cured beefy dark meat goodness.
  • Salami Milano – A lightly peppery classic salami.
  • Porcetta – Dangerously addictive cured roast pork, succulent and fatty in a good way.
  • Speck – Not like that thing on the lens of your dirty camera, but a lightly smoked cured ham. Delicate and delish.
  • Finocchiona – It’s a cured sausage with fennel undertones and it’s a staple of Italian deli meats.
  • Nduja Calabrese – Bringin’ that heat like a sexy, tasty fire devil of meaty goodness!


  • Mozzarella D.O.P – If we’re talking Italian food, we’re talking mozza. Gorgeous.
  • Burrata – Milky, creamy cheese from cow’s milk sculpted into irresistible-ness.
  • Pecorino – This cheese that’s a little firmer, it’s a little chewier and it’s all tasty.
  • Dolcelatte – A bit of blue for the Dad’s that’s actually really approachable for non-bluesters
  • Scarmorza – Smoked mozzarella pulled into a sausage-esque shape – it’s pale and interesting like that guy with the book over there in the corner.
  • Parmegiano Reggiano – Hard cheese that takes no prisoners and is essentially Italian garnish for everything.
  • Grana Padano – Another big boy hard cheese that’s a little nuttier in flavour, just as much a staple.
  • Fontal – Aged for a cheeky 2 month and is semi-firm with an edible waxy surface, something a little different.

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