The Lazy Bird, 8 Bank St, Wetherby, Leeds LS22 6NQ     Phone: 01937 587 897.    ORDER with RITUAL

Melted applewood cheddar, BW BBQ Sauce,
insanely tasty Mangalitsa pig Jam & crackling
bacon, gherkins & shredded iceberg.

free range great tasting chicken. Banging flavours, belting tunes.

The Lazy Bird is a free range chicken and vegan chikn house. Inspired by the ridiculously great tasting fried chicken on a holiday to San Francisco.

We have collaborated with award winning, 4 Rosette head chef, James Cooper (Swinton Park & Tontine) to bring flavours of Asia, South America and the U.S.

Since February 2019 B.C (Before COVID), we have been tweaking recipes and cooking styles to cook the perfect bird. We use a lovely bit of kit called a Thermodyne, which seals in heaps of flavour and moisture.